Riluxa, 2021

“This new collaboration reflects our commitment to offering only the best products, while allowing our customers to take full advantage of the infinite possibilities of the material through our custom manufacturing.”

When the people from Riluxa came to tell us what they had in mind and explained the essence of the project, we decided that we would do something different from what we had done to date with them. We wanted to give it another approach and decided that these new collections would have a complete vision of the bathroom space, more realistic and always maintaining that point of exclusivity that characterizes the brand. In this way we create the environments for the new Corian Design Costellation Collection, Ara, Hydra, Lyra and Aquila created by Riluxa.

We make the general environments and the product and detail images for each one of them. Finally and after overcoming some technical difficulties, intrinsic to the project, we leave you with the result.

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